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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?


Is your vehicle drifting to either side of the road even when you are trying to drive straight? Or, are you detecting a significant drop in steering response? If one or both of your answers are yes, it may be a potential indication of incorrect wheel alignment, and you need to fix this issue immediately to avoid any serious issues.

Hot Hatch Corner is a trusted garage for wheel alignment Longton offering 100% accurate alignment checks and adjustments at affordable rates. Irrespective of the vehicle you drive, our highly qualified experts are ready to deal with any car's misaligned wheels and offer appropriate checks and solutions.

Why is routine wheel alignment important?

Manufacturers set your vehicle's wheels at particular angles (caster, camber and toe angles) based on your vehicle's model and weight for maximum driving safety and reliable handling performance. But, over time, driving through potholes, over speed-breakers and curbs and a host of other issues will disrupt the default wheel alignments, thereby reducing your driving experience and fuel efficiency.

Hence, at Hot Hatch Corner, we recommend you opt for our routine wheel alignment Longton at least once a year.

Symptoms of misaligned wheels

You can identify misaligned wheels if you face issues, such as:

    • Uneven and faster tyre wear
    • Reduced steering response
    • Odd vibrations in the steering wheel
    • Increased braking distances
    • Off-centre steering wheel even while driving straight
    • Screeching tyre noise while steering, especially when cornering, etc.

If you face any of these issues, please don’t waste time searching for a 'wheel alignment garage near me.' Instead, turn to us for state-of-the-art wheel alignment Longton.

What are the factors that can lead to wheel misalignment?

    • Modification in vehicle's height
    • Damaged suspension springs and other components
    • Sudden jarring or impacts by driving through potholes, over speed-breakers, etc.

How can our wheel alignment garage Longton assist?

When you reach us to fix your car's misaligned wheels, we will first check the 3 wheel angles and then set them according to the manufacturer's specifications.


An accurate caster angle is responsible for your car's steering responsiveness. It is the angular displacement of the steering axis from the vertical angle of your car wheels.


An optimal camber angle is responsible for your vehicle's driving stability. When viewed from the front of the car, the angle made by the wheels outward or inward is the camber angle. A positive camber angle reduces steering effort. Excessive negative camber will cause premature tyre wear at a significantly higher rate.


When observed from a bird's-eye view, the angle made by the wheels inward or outward is called toe. We will rectify your car's toe angle, if necessary, to ensure increased cornering stability, extended tyre service life and enhanced handling capabilities.

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