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Is the TPMS warning light blinking on your car’s dashboard? If so, it is an indication that your car tyre pressure has fallen below the recommended range. Or, it could mean a malfunctioning TPMS sensor or valve.

To be on the safer side, we recommend you rely on the experts of Hot Hatch Corner for a reliable TPMS service Longton.

At Hot Hatch Corner, we stock OE-grade spares to provide prompt TPMS sensor replacement Longton. Hence, if you notice any problem with your car’s TPMS, please turn to us for professional solutions at convenient rates.

What is TPMS?

Most modern vehicles come with a TPMS system that works with direct or indirect TPMS sensors Longton which indicate any fluctuation in your car’s tyre pressure.

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is responsible for scanning and notifying drivers of the real-time tyre air pressure data. Whenever the tyre pressure falls 25% below the recommended range, the TPMS warning light on your car’s dashboard will light up.

There are two types of TPMS, namely:

Direct TPMS

This system uses dedicated sensors in each wheel to read the tyre pressures directly in real-time.

Indirect TPMS

Here, the system depends on the ABS sensors, for example, and determine the tyre pressure values indirectly.

Common causes of TPMS sensor damage

The TPMS is an electronic system, and hence, it is prone to damages. For instance, the TPMS warning light may go off even if the tyre pressures are correct. Therefore, industry experts suggest timely TPMS servicing Longton.

      Some of the most prominent reasons behind TPMS sensor failures are:

Incorrect TPMS sensor settings

There are chances that your vehicle’s TPMS setting is incorrect. This will cause the sensor light to blink without any actual tyre pressure fluctuation. Since different car manufacturers have different default setting specifications, we will conduct the servicing and rectify your car’s TPMS accordingly.

Failing battery

The most common symptom of a failing TPMS battery is a false warning. In such cases, you will have to replace old sensors (as the battery cannot be taken out separately in most cases) and buy new TPMS sensors Longton.

Physical damage

TPMS sensors usually work in a harsh environment of extreme temperatures, pressures and vibrations. These factors might lead to accelerated sensor damage, and you will have to opt for a replacement.

However, regardless of the issue, we can help.

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