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Gt radial Tyres

GT Radial is a sub-brand of the renowned Singapore multinational tyre manufacturer, Giti. It holds a position among the top 10 tyre brands globally and retails its product in about 130 countries. With a persistent focus on research and innovation, GT Radial offers superior quality tyres that features a unique carcass material and tread construction to provide an uncompromised car handling experience on any road condition.

If you are looking for value for money products, switch to GT Radial tyres without any second thought.

We, Hot Hatch Corner, is an authorised retailer of GT Radial tyres Longtonn. We boast a massive inventory and can offer you tyre models for various utility purposes. We also offer proper guidance to ensure you select only the best fit and model for your respective car segment.

Also note: We retail our tyre products online as well. You can use this option on our official website to buy your preferred GT tyre model from the convenience of your home and also book an appointment for fitting at the same time.

GT Radial tyres available at our workshop

If you plan to buy GT Radial tyres Longtonn, check out some of the best-selling models that we retail.

Summer Tyres

We offer you superior quality GT Radial summer tyres like Sport active, Sport active 2, and more. These tyres feature a premium quality hard rubber compound that effectively reduces the heat build-up and improves durability. Furthermore, these models' innovative tread structure and tread bars efficiently disperse water from the tyre surface and offer uncompromised aquaplaning resistance.

Winter Tyres

You can avail some of the highly reviewed GT Radial winter tyres like WinterPro HP, WinterPro 2, etc. The innovative soft rubber compound of these tyre models prevents them from growing stiff – even under extreme winter conditions. Furthermore, the increased tread depth and wide grooves efficiently evacuate water and slush from the tyre surface and ensure a biting grip on snow-covered roads.

All-season Tyres

You can buy best-selling GT Radial tyres Longtonn models like 4Seasons, MaxmillerAllSeason, and more in this category. These tyre products are best if you want to save on the costs of seasonal tyre replacements. The intermediate tyre compound and tread structure of these all-season tyres guarantee uncompromised traction and grip on summer and winter tracks – as long as the temperatures are not too extreme. These models also reduce the rolling resistance and offer improved fuel efficiency.

Apart from these tyre products we also offer other variants like:

    • 4x4
    • Performance
    • Run-flat, and more.

Search no more for GT Radial tyres near me and visit us. To learn more, you can also give us a call on 01782599304.

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